Clients and colleagues SAY

Cookbooks published by small independent and academic presses often get less traction in an increasingly competitive market dominated by big names with big budgets. As a first-time author, I knew I would have to make a personal investment in a knowledgeable publicist who could help me navigate difficult waters. That person was Marisa Dobson, who not only created unprecedented buzz around my debut book, but was a trusted confidant who skillfully helped me answer interview questions, draft editorials, and schedule appearances. Since then, I have recommended her to authors and projects both large and small. She comes to the table with fresh ideas, a trusted network, and tested strategies that deliver on her promises. Truly invaluable!

Von Diaz, author of Coconuts & Collards

As a business owner, it's hard to find others who hold themselves to the same standard of quality you hold yourself. When you find these rare individuals who possess the professionalism, creativity, and skill set that you seek out, it's like a breath of fresh air while relaxing near a glorious body of water and sipping on a delicious drink -- that's how much weight has been lifted off your shoulders. This is Marisa Dobson. She has a knack for understanding one's needs, and then executing on them reliably and efficiently without the need to hand hold. I cannot praise Marisa enough for her work ethic and the overall uniqueness of experience she brings to the table. 

Kim Bryden, CEO of Cureate Connect

Marisa of Scintillate was the publicist for both my first cookbook, Food Gift Love, and the Eat Boutique Holiday Market. Without Marisa, I'm certain my cookbook would not have sold as much nor as fast. Throughout my cookbook tour, authors, publishers, and editors repeatedly asked me how my cookbook was everywhere and which publicist made that happen. With Marisa, I got a sponsor for my cookbook tour and tour stops in key book shops and gift stores across the country. I kept Marisa on longer term to share our biggest Eat Boutique Holiday Market with the world, and she approached that project with equal enthusiasm. She thinks differently, gets excited about experimenting with different promotional tactics, and keeps everyone around her upbeat and motivated. I'd work with her again in a heartbeat. She's a revolutionary who stands out, as well as a team player -- such a great combination.

Maggie Battista, Founder/EIC of Eat Boutique

With PR, it's often hard to tell if what you're getting is worth what you're paying. Scintillate is the only firm we've worked with where even our competitors have contacted us to ask who we're using and if we could possibly share their contact info. Marisa seems to know everyone, across industries and publications, and has great novel and productive ideas for promotions and pitch angles. Scintillate has the bearing and results of a larger and more mature firm, but with the nimbleness and creativity of a small creative house. We look forward to working with Marisa for years to come.

Aaron Foster, Owner of Foster Sundry

Scintillate helped us develop our strategy and execute it. We started with the launch of our first 100% Organic Pepper Sauce, and it outperformed our expectations. From there, we expanded our relationship and are seeing results. Marisa is great!

Brian Ballan, Founder of A&B American Style Condiments

Having Marisa's support and guidance as I launched my cookbook, Icy Creamy Healthy Sweet, made all the difference in the world. With her endless enthusiasm, tireless work, and roster of professional contacts, she made sure that my book received national press attention, notable blog coverage, and support from enthusiastic sponsors. Marisa successfully organized a bi-coastal book tour, ensuring that it was perfectly planned down to every last detail. Above all, Marisa was a true pleasure to work with, always professional, organized and enthusiastic. I'd write another book just to work with Marisa again!

Christine Chitnis, author of Icy Creamy Healthy Sweet

Marisa was my publicist for my cookbook The Forest Feast and she was amazing. As my book was launched, I had people tell me all the time that I must have an amazing publicist because they were reading about my book everywhere! This was my first book and I don't think it would have had as much success without Marisa. She was truly incredible and worked tenaciously to ensure excellent exposure. She was always on top of things, a joy to work with, an expert communicator, so helpful and seemed genuinely excited to help me promote my book. I would love to work with her on future projects!

Erin Gleeson, Founder of The Forest Feast

Marisa is one of those people who specialize in converting the everyday into the extraordinary....In my line of work, I like to think I can spot people who are raw potential—who will, through whatever means inevitably attract a life that is innovative, exciting–and that will inspire the rest of us, in whatever form our art takes. Marisa is just that person.

Jessica Sinsheimer, Associate Agent at The Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency

Marisa has proved to best the best publicist in the world to us. (Mind you, we have worked with a few!) She's such a smart lady, with a great sense of humor. I truly think that our books would not have been so successful in the USA if Marisa was not on the job. She’s quick, quirky, clever and completely ‘on it’. We are really thankful to have worked with her.

Yvette van Boven, Author of Home Made, Culinary & Recipe writer, Illustrator for Volkskrant Magazine

Marisa is a skilled writer, researcher and creative in the execution of the projects assigned. I recommend her highly.

Marc Apter, President of Image Power, PRSA Maryland Chapter Board of Directors


Scintillate was an instrumental component in setting up my Kickstarter campaign for success! Marisa is more than a publicist, she's a phenomenal business partner who adds tremendous value through her creative ideas, experience, and connections. I would partner with her again, and again, and again.

Romane Armand, Author of Book of Rhymes and Guinness World Record Holder for Longest Freestyle Rap

Marisa is a star. Bright, energetic and magnetic, she is a terrific publicist and promoter. I'd recommend her for any role in which her particular blend of special sauce (and she's got lots!) is required.

Michael Jacobs, President and CEO of Harry N. Abrams